Our company provides eligible employees with a 401(k) Qualified Retirement plan which is an excellent means of long-term savings for your retirement.

401(k) Company match

We match 100% of the first 3% by an employee

We match 50% of any deferral over 3%, up to 5% (ie, 50% of the 4th and 5th percentile contributions).

Employees are eligible after 3 months of employment, and we do 100% immediate vesting.

Managing 401(k) Benefits

A 401(k) retirement savings account is a tax-deferred account:


If you are not yet enrolled in the 401k program, please complete the forms below and email them to management@thoughtbot.com.

If you are already enrolled in the 401k program and would like to change your contribution rate, please email anna@thoughtbot.com to do so.

All of the PDF forms provided by American Funds can be downloaded here: http://americanfundsretirement.retire.americanfunds.com/account/online-forms-rkd.htm#/forms

Online Benefits Management

You can view your accounts and initiate transactions by accessing the following website link:


You can access your account initially by going to the above website, click “Login”, select “New User” and follow the prompts from there.

To check what percentage of your paycheck goes to your 401k, use BambooHR.


Eligible full-time employees will be enrolled in the 401k plan 90 days after starting with thoughtbot.

Apprentices are not eligible for the 401(k) plan. Apprentices who are promoted to Developer or Designer become eligible on the first day of their new position.


If you would like to rollover an existing 401(k), please contact our plan administrator: Michael Jageler MJageler@platinumpensions.com.