Conferences and Seminars

thoughtbot will pay 50% of all expenses for approved job-related conferences and seminars.

If you’re speaking at the conference, we’ll pay 100% of the expenses.

Please send all receipts to within 2-3 business days following the conference/travel. Carlo & Anna will report these expenses our accountant and for efficiency purposes, would like to calculate these expenses all together, as soon as possible following the conference/travel. They will double check with you regarding reimbursement [or] deductions via email, before confirming with our accountant.

To make it easy for ticket booking and such, please also put your name on the signup form:

Expenses for conferences and seminars should be handled per our expenses procedure

Leadership Team

Members of the thoughtbot leadership team, including Managing Directors get 100% of their conference expenses paid.


Eligible full-time employees can take advantage of this benefit upon starting with thoughtbot.

Apprentices are generally not eligible for this benefit unless they are invited to speak at a conference as a representative from thoughtbot. Also, apprentices who are promoted to Developer or Designer become eligible on the first day of their new position.